April 16, 2014

Live Action

SFX and music editing, ADR and dialogue mixing. These shows were edited and mixed in 5.1 surround at Rhythm Division studios in Toronto.

Connor Undercover

Helicopters, explosions, post-production audio and mixing on 39 episodes of the teen spy drama Connor Undercover. Supervising audio post production and surround mixing. Music by Carlos Lopes with sfx editing by Paul Shikata.

Created by Heroic Film Company and co-produced by Shaftesbury Films for Astral Media’s Family Channel. Currently airing on Disney XD.

Smart Woman’s Survival Guide

Smart, sexy behind the scenes adventures of the Lana Pearson show and her wacky staff. Three seasons edited and mixed in surround at Rhythm Division with an original score by Kevan Staples and Tom Third. Produced by Alan Magee, Morgan Drmaj, and Stephen R. Mitchell for Magee TV and the W Network.

Recording, editing, ADR, foley, and surround mix … on a budget.