April 16, 2014


I’ve worked on many animated projects over the years. Tradition, 3D, flash, kids, adults, and sci-fi. Here are some of the hilights of shows I’ve sound designed, edited and mixed.

The Dating Guy

A show designed to offend just about everybody, The Dating Guy is a half-hour animated comedy about the single life of twenty-somethings in the city. Produced by marblemedia and Entertainment One for Teletoon at Night.

The sound design, 5.1 mix and source music editing was done by Rhythm Division. Original music by Jono Grant. Airing in Canada on Teletoon at Night.

Project also included the web-based talk show, The Morning After Show and interactive web content such as The Money Shot.


26 Gemini Award winning episodes of intense action and beauty wrapped in sci-fi splendor, produced by 9 Story Entertainment and Method Films for Nicktoons. The series was directed by Emmanuel Gorinstein and produced by Marilyn McAuley and Cedric Pilote.

The elaborate sound design and 5.1 mix was done in the Rhythm Division studios by Jim Longo. Original music by Paul Intson, edited by Kevan Staples and Rob Kirkpatrick. Additional editing and expert assistance by Bojan Risojevic and Andrea Cyr.

Skyland Poster

Robin and Benjamin, in “The Frogman”

Robin is the strange story of 2 slackers and their weird acquaintances, told in 26 interstitials on MTV.

Music, sfx, voices, and everything else audio by Jim and Kevan at Rhythm Division. Created by the brilliant Magnus Carlsson and co-produced by Wigelius / Nelvana.

Additional Animation Projects